All the group projects are energized by own power generation plants


Umer Group has its own Power Generation plant. In view of frequent break downs and heavy fluctuations in the electric power supply from national utility and to meet the requirement of our high tech machinery for uninterrupted power supply. The management of Umer Group of Companies decided in 1996 to establish Power Generation plants near the existing textile mills. The capacity of these Power Generation plants is around 34 Mega Watts. All these Power plant are captive units which cater to the energy requirement of manufacturing projects of Umer Group.

The operation and maintenance of the plants is being taken care of and carried out by the highly qualified and well trained staff. Group Power plant are fully conscious of the safety, Healthy and also the environment of the surrounding area a special wing under the supervision of well versed personnel is effectively taking care of the most important and vital aspect of industry, Safety rules and regulations are strictly observed and safety and health is the top priority of the plants. Safety equipment is kept up to date all the times. In order to keep the environment neat and clean the waste heat from the exhaust gases of the engines is being utilized for the production of steams and heat recovery boilers have been installed for this purpose.

Bhanero Energy Ltd.

It comprises of 7 sets of Waukesha, WARTSILA FINLAND power generators producing 34 MW of Power.

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