Umer Farms has modern dairy equipment from world's renowned dairy manufacturers like Delaval, Wopa and Albers USA.


Umer Farms (Private) Limited is yet another venture of Umer Group of Companies and was incorporated on 18 August 2011 as a private limited company under the Companies Ordinance 1984. This Mega farm sits on 30-Acres of Land and is located at 18-KM Sheikhupura Faisalabad Road Ferozwattaan in district Sheikhupura, Punjab. This new state of art endeavor enjoys the privilege of being one of the most modern dairy setups in Pakistan. At present the hard consists of 1500 Holstein Friesian cows imported from Australia, which are likely to be doubled in coming years. The Farms management consists of top dairy experts who have been hired both internationally and locally to see the health and management of animals and Farms. All fo the 130 employees of farms are housed within the farm to keep up with the best bio security standards in the world. The world's top dairy specialists in health and nutrition are on the farm's panel as consultants who work closely with the farm's management to get the desired results and targets. Umer Farms also has modern dairy equipment available coming from world's renowned dairy manufacturers like Delaval, Wopa, and Albers USA. Not only does Umer Farms strive on getting the highest quality milk and high productions percentages; we also work on getting the best genetics by procuring the highest quality semen form the best bulls available in the international market.

At present we are principally engaged in the production and supply of high quality milk to our clients and we are quite optimistic that with the combination of our modern equipment/technique, world class expertise and high quality imported cows, this dairy farm will set new standards in the dairy farming industry of Pakistan.

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